Client Feedback

Rebecca Glenn

I wanted to take the time to express my thanks and give you feedback on the work you did for my team at Coca-Cola; especially the one-on-one coaching. We engaged you to coach two of my direct reports who had numerous issues in effectively communicating, managing others and consulting with internal clients. Each had a track record of disappointing results in these areas, with inexplicable behavior that threatened long-term working relationships. Although brilliant in technical expertise, these two individuals struggled in these “softer” skills, limiting their potential.

You were able to listen well to fully understand and appreciate the issues from several perspectives. You asked thought-provoking questions and listened to my point of view, the internal client’s feedback, as well as listening closely to the individuals being coached. The people you coached viewed you as their personal advocate who was straightforward, insightful, honest, experienced and dedicated to help them understand themselves better and improve. You provided a “safe place” for these individuals to express themselves, practice new skills and approaches, and get feedback as they continued to learn and apply what they had learned. You used relevant business examples to illustrate a concept and connect with their personal situations.

Throughout the coaching period and afterward, I saw shifts in how these individuals interacted with people, with an observable improvement in the consistency and positive impact of these interactions. You developed a relationship with me and my direct reports that continues today. This relationship was based on your genuine interest in our development and growth as individuals and as a team. You were able to keep me updated and comfortable throughout the coaching period, without compromising the confidentiality and trust of the individuals being coached. I was very pleased with the results you generated. Thanks again for all of your help.

Rebecca Glenn (Executive Coach for CTS)
IT Director (Previously at the Coca-Cola Company)

H. Shuford

What rave reviews I have received about the Internal Consulting Class! Again, you exceeded our expectations and your instruction has made an impact already.

H. Shuford – Market Research
Southern Company Services

Randy Selby

The training sessions have been very valuable and informative. I have already found some things to do differently and they have had immediate results in the feedback I am receiving. I have been fully committed to the process from day one and am enjoying the experience. Becky is an absolute gem and is very easy to talk to and I feel very comfortable with her. I get something new from each session and continue to look for improvement. The process has been very worthwhile.

Randy Selby
Southern Company Services

Kenneth Glazer

Cecilia is a rare combination of confidante, strategist, mentor, and communicator. With our sessions, she quickly understood the “big picture”, zeroed in on the core issues, and separated the essential steps to get objectives accomplished and enhance relationships. In addition, she identified opportunities, directions, and alternatives I had not considered. Her real gift is bringing clarity, insight, and focus on leadership, and then aligning energies and resources with outcome objectives.

The time spent with Cecilia was highly productive and the results have had a powerful impact on advancing my managing style and the ability to use personal influence as a relationship-building tool.

Kenneth Glazer – Attorney
The Coca-Cola Company

Karen Mallory

Practical and applicable information; Different from most training programs because it is from the employee’s perspective. Thank you for the fantastic job.

Karen Mallory – Human Resources
Chamberlin Edmonds

Carol Martin

Corporate Training Solutions did an excellent job of facilitating our group, which I am sure was tough. The facilitator was very competent in controlling the group in a very positive manner; provided ground rules at the start and made sure we all adhered to them throughout the day. She brought out each of our individual strengths and limitations.

We discussed how we need to communicate to and with each other effectively as opposed to AT each other, what buttons not to and to push respectively, and the balance that each of us brings to the team/department. Everyone had ample time to openly discuss his or her feelings and frustrations and vent. In addition, no one was allowed to become abusive in his or her conduct. There were points of nervous laughter as some exercises were completed and a sense of fellowship amongst the group as the day progressed. My overall impression was everyone came away from the day better than we went in.

Carol Martin – Manager
Atlanta Union Mission

Michelle Southwell

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with me. I found our sessions enlightening and enjoyable.

Michelle Southwell – People Services
The Coca-Cola Company

Heather Rogers

Having attended – the two-day Career Transitions workshop was most valuable. I have learned so much about preparing myself for my new career search. The facilitator was very effective with teaching methods for career search.

Heather Rogers – Graphic Designer
Zoo Atlanta

Rita Fasson

I would like to thank you for assisting me in my search for a career opportunity. The seminars helped me organize my plan of action. Also, they made me realize that networking is a necessity. The one-on-one counseling was helpful in keeping me focused.

Rita Fasson – CPA
OFC Capital Org

Phyllis Poole

I normally hate role-playing, but I enjoyed these exercises & learned a lot from my peers during the workshop. The facilitator could switch gears and openly discuss our concerns. Whatever training we need, get CTS!

Phyllis Poole – Senior Counselor
Chamberlin Edmonds

S. Goodson

Endless thanks for a phenomenal training session. Your enthusiasm and passion for getting managers on the right track are appreciated and needed. I continually refer to my notes in leading my successful team and in assessing my management skills.

S. Goodson – Trademark Attorney
The Coca-Cola Company

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